Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crazy Kart Cheats and hacks

[UPDATED] - July 29, 2010 (101% Working)

Everything is all set. All download mirrors are working. Download now! GO! GO! :D

(Make Sure to click all links and Download boxes to download the Hacks)

The thing that you've all been waiting for!

I'll be giving you the Cheat and hacking programs for Crazy Kart

Download these first:
(If the first link DOESN'T work pleas USE the MIRRORS)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 1)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 2)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 3)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 4)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 5)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 6)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 7)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 8)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 9)

Crazy Kart Hack V 1.0 (Mirror 10)

Note: these programs include speed hacks, Gold and Cash Hack and other sorts of hacks for Crazy Kart

After you download follow these steps:

1. Extract the files on a single folder
2. Open the Crazy Kart
3. Open the hack program
4. and choose for the hack and cheat you want to do to the Game

Crazy Kart Cash and Gold Hack

Are your asking how i got this whole lot'a Cash?!?

To tell you the truth i did not top up real cash for this, I just used my brains.

I've been playing many Online Games now and i experienced Hacks Cheats and Bots To those games. So with my experience and knowledge about these i was able to hack through the game and got 10000 Cash.

It's very simple you just have to download the Modified Cheat Engine:
(If the first link DOESN'T work pleas USE the MIRRORS)

Modified Cheat Engine

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 1)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 2)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 3)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 4)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 5)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 6)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 7)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 8)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 9)

Modified Cheat Engine (Mirror 10)

and follow these steps

  1. Install/Extract Cheat Engine
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Open Crazy Kart
  4. Follow these Illustrations. This should be all self explanatory.
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13


-You could also do this in buying carts or any sorts... Just be imaginative with yourself =)

For problems about the program, just visit the software's author at Cheat Engine HERE

Secrets for Fast Leveling and Gold Farming in Crazy Kart

I' ve Started Playing Level Up's New game, Crazy Kart for 3 days now and i manage to go up to Level 44 now.

Now im gonna share my Secrets on how i did it. It's just very simple but you need to have a friend or someone to help you boost your level. This is not a cheat, bot, hack or some sort but this is a tactic i did and it works.

Here's what you do you and your friend go to a map called A5 10 Highway and start a team race. Your friend should not try to win the race to boost you. And because it is a Team Race it give like 300-600 exp per race its really freakin' awesome how i level so fast and only a few people know this trick!

So that's how i level so fast and yeah i also have lots of gold!!

For more information about hacks about crazy kart just check out Cheat Central